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Organic Farm School

UPDATE (April 2002):

In December 2001, Amberwaves announced the planned establishment of an Organic Farm School. In keeping with our commitment, we have added information about growing rice in your home garden, to our web site.

The Home Rice Cultivation page will evolve, as new information is gathered from organic farmers and gardeners. To learn about growing rice in your garden, click on the rice image on our home page, or click here.

The following Information was originally released in December, 2001:

 Over the next several years, Amberwaves plans to establish a school of organic farming and gardening. The Organic Farm School is being established as a non-profit division of Planetary Health, Inc., with the following goals and vision:

 1. To support the development of organic farming and gardening as the primary means for achieving personal and planetary health, with the goal being to establish organic cultivation as the standard in America and throughout the world.

2. To train a new generation of organic farmers and gardeners in the knowledge and skills required to successfully establish organic farms and gardens in their own regions and locales throughout the United States and the world.

3. To promote the value of organic and natural agriculture for personal and planetary health, both within the local community and society at large.

4. To promote the understanding and practice of a diet based on organic whole grains, beans, fresh vegetables, and other locally grown vegetable quality foods as a means to personal and planetary health, as represented by the Planetary Health Food Pyramid.

5. To serve as a repository for organic and heirloom seeds and crops as an essential resource for personal and planetary health.

6. To conduct research and experimentation on new and improved methods of sustainable farming, including poly cultivation, crop rotation, self-seeding and self-fertilizing cultivation, and methods such as those developed by Masanobu Fukuoka and others.



The Amberwaves Organic Garden in Becket. Mass., June 2001


1. It is proposed that the Organic Farm School be established in a pristine rural location with access to metropolitan areas.

2. It is proposed that the Organic Farm School be established together with functional organic farms and gardens.

3. It is proposed that the Organic Farm School offer fresh seasonal produce and other foods and products to local restaurants, stores, resorts, and the surrounding community.

4. It is proposed that the curriculum for the Organic Farm School include a balance of hands on field training and classroom studies.

5. It is proposed that the Organic Farm School offer both short and long term study programs. Short-term programs could include weekend and weeklong seminars, plus day visits by local public school students and members of the community. Long-term programs could be structured on an ongoing semester basis.

6. It is proposed that the faculty for the Organic Farm School be selected by the board of Planetary Health, Inc., and include a range of experts on natural and organic farming, planetary health and ecology, nutrition, business, and cooking.

7. It is proposed that Planetary Health, Inc. begin an active program of fund raising to generate start up and operating capital for the Organic Farm School. With adequate funding, a business plan for the Organic Farm School can be drafted before the end of 2002.

If you would like to know more about the Organic Farm School, including how to donate to this worthwhile project, contact Edward Esko at Planetary Health/Amberwaves, Box 487, Becket, MA 01223. (413) 623-0012. www.amberwaves.org

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