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The Amberwaves Information Tableat Casa de Luz (Photo)

Morgan Jones (center) and Edward Esko (right) at Casa de Luz (photo)

Austin, TX- Edward Esko visited Austin in January and lectured on macrobiotics and personal and planetary health. He presented the Planetary Health Food Pyramid and reported on Amberwaves activities at Casa de Luz (House of Light), the popular natural food restaurant and educational center in Austin managed by Eduardo and Any Longoria. Hundreds of people visit Casa daily for lunch and dinner, and for educational programs such as those presented at the Natural Epicurian Cooking School by Dawn Black and Morgan Jones. Edward is planning to visit Austin again in the spring for additional lectures and consultations at Casa de Luz.

Allison Hill (Photo)

Austin, TX- On January 26, 2002, Allison Hill represented Amberwaves in Austin, TX at the 2nd Annual Symposium on Youth Gardening and Nature Education. This event gave teachers the tools to develop garden and nature programs in their schools. Two hundred teachers were in attendance. Workshop topics included Grant Writing, Composting, how to use the garden across the curriculum, strategies for garnering community support, raised beds, irrigation systems and water collection, seed collection and germination, and more.

Amberwaves was one of 30 organizations represented with a booth in the Expo Area. Signatures were collected for the Save Organic Rice petition and Amberwaves literature distributed. Allison spoke with people about the dangers of GE crops, and encouraged them to visit the Amberwaves web site, and to visit Casa de Luz, a local Austin macrobiotic center and restaurant. The Organic Farming Song was played repeatedly during the lunch break of this all day event.

Julia and Alex at the NOFA Conference (photo)

Barre, MA- Alex Jack, Julia Esko, and Edward Esko represented Amberwaves at the annual Northeast Organic Farmer's Association (NOFA) Winter Conference held in Barre, Massachusetts in January. Over 300 people participated in the conference, including organic farmers from throughout the region. Edward presented a workshop on the Planetary Health Food Pyramid, and Alex lectured on the threat posed by GMOs to organic rice, wheat, and other staple foods. Alex, Julia, and Edward manned an Amberwaves table at the conference, where they distributed CDs, magazines, books, and other literature, encouraged people to sign the Save Organic Rice petition, and networked with conference participants. Amberwaves is planning to participate in the annual NOFA

Summer Conference scheduled for July.

Edward and Alex at the Boston Beer Co. (Photo)

Boston, MA- Edward and Alex visited the management of the Boston Beer Company, maker of Samuel Adams™ beer. They discussed the potential hazards of genetically altered ingredients in the brewing process.



Sacramento, CA- Great News from Alex Jack!

"The California trip exceeded our expectations. In Sacramento, we presented the Save Rice Petition in two thick binders (with 10,000 signatures) to the president of the California Rice Commission. He said as a result of our activities and growing public concern, GM rice in California would be delayed 5 years, if not more!"

"We also met with Grant Lundberg and found opposition among the farmers growing, so it looks like our immediate goal of preserving natural and organic rice in the Sacramento Valley has been attained! Of course, things could change overnight with new biotech developments, but the tide appears to have turned."

A classical example of a successful group effort! THANK YOU, everyone, for your signatures and your support! Thank you, Alex & Edward. Great Job!

For details, see Edward Esko's article,  Richvale Café.

Photo "A"

Becket, MA- In April, 2002, inspired by the success of the Hughes Family and Wayne & Kathy Weber in growing organic rice in the Midwest, Edward Esko and Alex Jack decided to try an experiment rice plot in the Amberwaves Organic Garden in Becket. The Amberwaves Garden is located deep in the heart of the Berkshires at an elevation of approximately 1,300 feet. Alex and Edward contacted Masato Fry, an experienced organic farmer for advice and counsel about the ideal way to grow rice in a northern mountainous climate. In the photo (A), Edward Esko surveys the Amberwaves Organic Garden in mid April, prior to planting.


Photo "B"

Becket, MA- In mid May, Edward Esko, Masato Fry, and Carry Wolf (a neighboring organic gardener) planted 100 rice seeds in individual plastic trays (which are available from lawn and garden stores.) About fifty seeds are from Lundberg Farms in California. The rest are a variety of recently discovered Japanese Temple Rice. The rice seedlings are kept inside due to the cold temperatures and possibility of overnight frost. Meanwhile, Masato planted a variety of organic vegetable seeds in the raised beds surrounding the bed that will be home to the rice seedlings.

The seedlings are watered daily with a plastic spray bottle, with warm water, and a lamp is placed in front of the seedbeds for additional warmth in the evenings. By the end of the month the seedlings sprout and reach a height of several inches. At that time, they are placed outside during the day in order to receive direct sunlight and brought inside in the evenings to keep them warm. The photo (B) shows the seedlings in their trays inside in the evening.


Photo "C"


Photo "D"

Becket, MA- At the beginning of June, Masato Fry and Amanda Perreault (a local natural food chef) transplanted about fifty seedlings to their outside bed in the Amberwaves Garden. The remainder are planted in Carry Wolf¹s organic garden nearby. The seedlings are given warm water on a daily basis. They grow to a height of over six inches by the end of the month. The photos (C) and (D) respectively show the Amberwaves Organic Garden with the rice bed located in the center and Julia Esko monitoring the infant seedlings.

Julia Esko & Friend


Alex Jack, Shizerko Yamamoto, Keizia Syndes and daughter, Kiasa and Julia Esko at the Amberwaves table.


Edward Esko addresses the "Taste of Health" audience

New York, NY- On June 22, Edward Esko, Alex Jack, and Julia Esko attended the "Taste of Health" fair in New York City. Held at Lincoln Center, the event was sponsored by the New York chapter of EarthSave, the non-profit environmental and health organization founded by John Robbins. Joining Edward, Alex, and Julia at the Amberwaves booth was Amberwaves board member Shizuko Yamamoto, along with Amberwaves New York representatives Keizia Synder and Susan Krieger.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich, sponsor of the GM Right to Know Bill was the featured speaker at the event. Dennis spent time at the Amberwaves table and thanked Alex, Edward, and everyone else who is supporting the effort.

Several thousand people visited the booths featuring a wide range of vegetarian fare plus vegetarian literature. Edward, Alex, and Julia networked with local activists and distributed the latest issue of the Amberwaves journal with the report on the trip to California plus copies of the Organic Farming Song CD and other Amberwaves books and publications. Several hundred people signed the Save Rice Petition.


Representative Dennis Kucinich (center; D-Ohio) accepts the Save Rice Petition from Alex Jack (left) and Edward Esko (right).

Washington, D.C.- Edward Esko and Alex Jack presented the Save Rice Petition (with 10,000 signatures) to the United States Congress. Accepting the Petition on behalf of Congress was Representative Dennis Kucinich from Ohio. Dennis is a strong supporter of Amberwaves and sponsor of the GM Right to Know Act in the House. Dennis offered to submit the Save Rice Petition to the Congressional Record and post a photo of the official presentation on his web site.

For more information, see Towards Planetary Commonwealth- by Edward Esko

Edward Esko presents the Amberwaves Commemoration in Charleston, S. C.

Charleston, S.C.- Edward Esko visited South Carolina and toured historic rice plantations, visited the Rice Museum, and gave several lectures at which he presented the Amberwaves Commemoration, a document that acknowledges the all important role of black Americans in the establishment of rice cultivation in America and the important role of rice in a healthful diet.


Ithaca, N.Y- Edward Esko, Alex Jack, and Gale Jack gave Amberwaves presentations at the first Kiraku macrobiotic summer camp in upstate New York. Presentations on GM Foods, Oriental Medicine, and Natural Healthcare were offered at the event. Amberwaves books, magazines, and literature were actively distributed.

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