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Rice Growing Tools

Besides the usual garden implements, the following tools are helpful for growing rice:

For Germination:

  • A large watertight container and floating cell styrofoam flats or, (Replace container with hole lined with black plastic) or, (Replace container with shallow wood box lined with black plastic)
  • Possible alternate- Heated "Jiffy" flat & peat plugs.
  • Floating glass aquarium thermometer.
  • Warm Spring water (no chlorine)
  • Broad spectrum indoor flood lamps (for cool weather)
  • Heat Lamp for regulating temperature (daytime use only!)
  • Peat Moss / Vermiculite starter mix (do not use potting soil)

For Planting:

  • Garden soil plus compost (or well rotted manure)
  • Warm water source
  • Two children's wading pools (one inside the other) or, Plastic garbage can with top half sawed off or, Hole lined with black plastic or, Livestock grade steel container(?)

For Cultivating:

  • Warm water source
  • Cup or small pitcher
  • Chicken wire to deter rabbits, etc.

For Harvesting:

  • Scissors
  • Envelopes and/or plastic bags
  • Marker (for recording varieties, harvest dates, etc.)
  • Journal for keeping notes