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Save the Seeds

Save some of the seeds for the following year. After the heads have dried on the stem, we cut the rice at the base of the head and bring the grain into the house. As an option, you can cut the rice at the base of the stem, then gather a bundle in your arms and dance around, in the autumn sun.

On second thought, the dance is required. Not for the rice, for you!

Once indoors, let the grain dry some more, then store it. Last year, we put most of our seed in marked plastic bags and placed the bags into the refrigerator (not the freezer!). I also put some in an envelope and stored in a dark, dry area, on the shelf. The remainder was placed in vases where its graceful presence has graced our household, throughout the winter.

Oh yeah.... You can eat it too! Garden scale rice growing will not yield very much. But, you should be able to manage a cup or to. The rice hull is very tight, but small quantities can be hulled by hand. Ahhhh! Fresh garden rice!