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A Profile of the Candidates Health

By Edward Esko

In his fascinating book, Feng Shui Astrology (Samuel Weiser, 1999), Takashi Yoshikawa explains how a person's date of birth influences his or her life, health, and destiny. Yoshikawa is an acknowledged master of the ancient Japanese system of Nine Ki astrology.

"Ki" is Japanese for "life energy." The Chinese pronounce it "Qui," or "Chi." In India it is known as "prana." The Nine Ki system describes the cyclic movement of energy in the earth's atmosphere and the ways in which that movement influences each of us.

In this system, planetary energy changes in cycles of 9 years and 9 months. The combination of 9 yearly and monthly energies with the 12 months of the year yields 108 basic personality types. Each is unique. Our character is shaped by our energy configuration. These archetypes correspond to five ubiquitous stages of energy transformation (Tree/Fire/ Soil/Metal/Water) that manifest everywhere in nature, from the cycle of the moon to the changing of the seasons, from the ebb and flow of the tides to the presidential election cycle.

Each year presents us with a fresh pattern of energy that corresponds to one of the five transformations. 2004, for example, is a 5 Soil year. Soil represents stability, the dependability of the earth itself. Of the nine numbers, the number 5 is the central or control number. Other years are classified as "Tree," "Fire," "Metal," and "Water," each with a corresponding number.

The nine years from 2000 to 2008 are classified as follows:


2000 / 9 Fire Volatility

2001 / 8 Soil Change

2002 / 7 Metal Prosperity

2003 / 6 Metal Focus

2004 / 5 Soil Intensity

2005 / 4 Tree Growth

2006 / 3 Tree Regeneration

2007 / 2 Soil Stagnation

2008 / 1 Water Flexibility

 (After 2008, the cycle repeats. Nine Fire energy returns in 2009.)

The year 2000 was a 9 Fire year. In the history of America, it was the year of a hotly contested, volatile presidential election. The following year, 2001, was governed by the energy of 8 Soil, which represents change or revolution. Everyone’s world-view changed dramatically on September 11th of that year.

As we saw above, energy changes from month to month. The months of 2004 and their corresponding numbers and energies are as follows:

January 3 Tree

February 2 Soil

March 1 Water

April 9 Fire

May 8 Soil

June 7 Metal

July 6 Metal

August 5 Soil

September 4 Tree

October 3 Tree

November 2 Soil

December 1 Water

John Kerry’s Ki Character

John Kerry was born on December 11, 1943 in Denver, Colorado. His yearly number is 3 Tree and his monthly number is 4 Tree. His third number, based on the position of his yearly number (3) in the chart of his month of birth (4) is 4 Tree. Thus Senator Kerry is a 3-4-4.

Tree represents the upward energy of spring. People with tree numbers, and especially the number 3 as their yearly number, are highly idealistic and expressive. Yoshikawa describes people with a 3-4-4 profile as follows (keep in mind that everyone has strong and weak points):

"Usually the men are soft-hearted and confident. Their external appearance charms people in business and social life, but they are somewhat hard-grained in their hearts.

"They usually have high ideals, though they sometimes may seem to lack sincerity because they do not care to consider what others think.

"They often have shrewd minds but are impulsive. They have the ability to actualize foresighted ideas, but their need for respect makes them afraid of making mistakes.

"Making decisions is also difficult. Once a decision is made, they may find it is not the right one and have to choose another alternative."

Senator Kerry shares the numbers 3-4-4 with such well-known people as Kirk Douglas, Sammy Davis, Jr., Judi Dench, Jim Morrison, Keith Richards, and John Denver.

Like these other personalities, Senator Kerry has a strong artistic and creative side (he plays classical guitar to relax and unwind.) The fact that all three of his ki numbers are gradations of the same energy (Tree) means that his public actions tend to be harmonious and consistent with his innermost feelings and beliefs.

John Kerry has a strong sense of justice that tends to guide his actions. His is an idealized, romantic view of the world. With boldness characteristic of many 3 Trees, he is not afraid to take a heroic stand.

Health wise, Senator Kerry is active and fit for a man of his age. He has great reserves of energy. However, his prostate problems (which are reflected in the somewhat rough, or sandpaper, appearance of the skin on the chin) are indicating a diet too rich in animal products, as does his graying hair.

A Time photo of Senator Kerry in his office showed a carton of take-out sushi on his desk, a healthful trend. May we also suggest more low-fat seafood and less high-fat steak, more tofu and fewer hot dogs, frequent brown rice and infrequent potatoes, fresh vegetables in place of snack foods, and, if humanly possible during a presidential campaign, less eating on the run. It would be especially beneficial for Senator Kerry to eat healthful home-cooked meals prepared for him with love by Mrs. Kerry.

George W. Bush’s Ki Character

George W. Bush was born on July 6, 1946 in New Haven, Conn. His yearly number is 9 Fire; his monthly number is 1 Water, and his third number is 4 Tree. President Bush is a 9-1-4.

In general, 9 Fire people tend to be warm hearted, passionate, and expressive. Michio Kushi describes them as "cheerleader types." Nine Fires are masters at manipulating symbols and emotions. Witness the president’s highly emotional (and highly successful) speech at Ground Zero.

Let us hear what Yoshikawa has to say about the president’s combination of ki numbers (9-1-4) again; keeping in mind that everyone has a balance of strengths and weaknesses:

"These people are usually confident and foresighted, having traits that can help them achieve success. They are often self-assertive and can concentrate on a problem to the point of being obstinate.

"They are usually proud, bright, and independent; these qualities can help them in their work if they are careful not to ignore the feelings and ideas of others. If they allow their impulsive nature to override their intelligence, they may have difficulty getting along with people.

"A kind of superiority complex can cause them to see only one side of issues. If they realize they have this problem, they can correct it and become good leaders.

"They often have close family ties and are protective of outside criticism of the family.

"Both men and women have leadership potential if they overcome a narrow, self-centered view of life and consider other people and situations fully."

Other well-known 9-1-4s include George Bernard Shaw, Che Guevara, Donald Trump, Sylvester Stallone, and Prince William.

Presidential Stress

On the whole President Bush has a well-balanced constitution and good physical vitality. His exercise routine serves as a role model for all American adults. However, the pressures of being president may be taking their toll. Looking at a photo of President Bush after he appeared before the 9/11 Commission in April, we see physiognomic signs of stress. There are vertical lines appearing between the eyebrows. These are classic signs of tightness in the liver that can sometimes lead to bouts of impatience, anger, and short-temper.

Tightness around the mouth, including thin, almost non-existent lips, indicates constriction in the colon and digestive system consistent with a high-meat low fiber diet. Another sign of the high-meat diet is the crease in President Bush?s earlobes, which many consider a sign of potential heart disease.

President Bush’s medical history includes an appendectomy at age ten. Inflammation of the appendix is frequently the result of too much animal food, including grilled and barbecued meat or chicken. That, plus a bout of colon polyps discovered and removed in 1998 and 1999 suggest the president would be well served by reducing his intake of meat and moving toward a diet of grains and vegetables.

Tightness in the lips is often an indication of possible problems in the pancreas leading to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and related mood swings.

In part, the stress apparent in President Bush’s facial features may be due to the numbers in his ki profile. There is a great potential for antagonism between his yearly number 9 Fire, and his monthly number, 1 Water.

Water and fire are perpetual antagonists. Water extinguishes or offsets fire. Bush’s public persona and life direction are represented by his yearly number, 9 Fire. However, his inner nature is represented by a completely opposite energy in the form of 1 Water. This is a potential source of inner conflict.

Nine Fires represent summer; 1 Waters represent winter. Nine Fires are warm and passionate; 1 Waters are cool and calculating. Nine Fires have strong preferences, while 1 Waters constantly modify their view depending on changing circumstances. Nine Fires operate best in the spotlight, while 1 Waters are most effective behind the scenes. The energy of 9 Fire is clear, exposed, bright, and public; while the energy of 1 Water is obscure, hidden in darkness, and intensely private.

Such inner struggles are apparent in the president?s countenance, especially in the eyes. To me, of all of Shakespeare?s characters, George W. Bush most closely resembles Hamlet, the troubled prince torn by conflicting loyalties, interests, and paths of action.

The Bush-Kerry Match-Up

Rivalry, such as that between the Red Sox and Yankees, or between presidential candidates, is a perfect example of like repelling like. Things that are similar repel each other as strongly as opposites attract. Like rival suitors vying for the hand of a fair maid, both men are attracted to the same goal the presidency.

John Kerry, born in December, is the opposite of George W. Bush, born in July. Kerry represents northeast liberal Massachusetts, while Bush represents southwest conservative Texas. Senator Kerry’s face is longer and narrower, typical of a person guided by intellect, while Bush’s face is fuller and more rounded; typical of someone guided by feelings and emotions. American voters could not ask for a better opportunity to choose between two candidates who represent opposite energies and approaches to government.

The 2004 race is taking place at an auspicious time for our nation and the world as a whole. Huge issues are in need of resolution. One of the greatest challenges facing the world today is our continuing dependence on fossil fuels. Not only do fossil fuels contribute greatly to pollution and global warming, but also their supply is running out.

Experts predict oil and natural gas reserves will become depleted in this century. America needs a president who will aggressively pursue development and adaptation of alternative energies while helping America and the world navigate through the final hazardous years of the fossil fuel era. A shift toward organic farming, such as that carried out successfully in Cuba (see page 9), would greatly reduce fossil fuel dependence. Such policies will yield far greater benefits in the long run than simply attempting to secure new supplies of oil.

Our dependence on fossil fuels is now the central issue facing the nation. Other issues are at best peripheral, and at worst, distractions. America’s foremost strength (its ability to exploit the energy of fossil fuels) has now become its leading vulnerability. America must end that dependence and eliminate that vulnerability.

American policies in the Middle East, the state of the U.S. and global economy, and the health of the planet as a whole all depend on this central issue. My hope is that both candidates in the 2004 presidential election clearly grasp the seriousness of the situation and forcefully bring this urgent issue to the attention of American voters. The time has come for America to lead the world beyond the age of fossil fuels toward a safer, more peaceful, and ecologically sustainable future.

Edward Esko, a co-founder of Amberwaves, teaches and counsels internationally.

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