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Preserving Natural Order

By Shizuko Yamamoto

As humankind, we are eating grains. We are eating every day to feed ourselves for our whole lifetime. Our central food is whole grains, that we know, from history and our body structure. If we eat 1 cup of rice a day for 70 years, how much is it? How many pounds? And how many billion people are eating?

Just recently, we understand that some big corporations want to produce genetically engineered (GE) grain to feed mankind. With GE, mass production, or other scientific techniques, these corporations are not deeply reflecting to see if this is really a great idea or not.

With a clearer view, we can see that everything on this earth belongs to nature, to infinity. Nature's power is beyond our control, at the same time we are a part of nature, as are all animals, all plants, and tiny, tiny insects–all are nature's creation. As you know, nature doesn’t make anything the same way twice. Everything is an individual, even grains of sand on the beach and snowflakes in winter. Each shape is different. Even when identical twins occur, they are not 100% the same. We must understand and acknowledge and follow the order of the universe. As nature changes, we are going to change, too.

I feel that without GE rice (or other grains), we will survive much better. Better not interrupt nature’s organic rice pollen with GE pollen, so that we can maintain and preserve the natural order. Our ancestors knew that grains, especially rice, have strong life force and the ability to support many life forms. They observed many creatures living harmoniously every day in the fields. If people are wise enough to agree and understand this, please join us and give your support to Amberwaves in whatever way possible.

If you join Amberwaves, we can create a more happy life–I can guarantee it!


Shizuko Yamamoto is one of the world’s foremost shiatsu practitioners and a leader of the international macrobiotic community. She is the author of  Barefoot Shiatsu and other books and has taught throughout North America, Japan, and Europe. She lives in New York City.

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