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Amberwaves Donations and Membership

"The human heart is very powerful and the human soul is unconquerable. One person who holds fast to his or her ideals and strives for justice in the face of seemingly impossible odds can stir the transformation of social, political, and economic structures. . . . One person can make a difference."

-Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich, foreword to
Imagine a World Without Monarch Butterflies

Amberwaves relies completely on the generosity of its members, supporters, and friends. We are part of Planetary Health, Inc., a nonprofit organization devoted to planetary health and peace that receives no funding from governments or large corporations. Anyone is free to join Amberwaves by signing the Save Organic Rice Petition and be part of our growing community that extends "from sea to shining sea." Members who make a donation will also receive the following benefits:

  • A subscription to Amberwaves, a quarterly journal of news, articles, and views. Contributors include Mae-Wan Ho, Vandana Shiva, Paul Hawken, Tom Monte, Alex Jack, Edward Esko, and other environmentalists, scientists, and health educators. The Autumn issue includes updates on organic food, alternative medicine, and other subjects not found on the web site, as well as a special report from the Biodev March in San Diego, a tribute to natural foods pioneer Aveline Kushi, recipes from Wendy Esko's new cookbook, letters and emails from around the country, and many other features
  • A complimentary book from Amberwaves press: 1) Saving Organic Rice, edited by Alex Jack and Edward Esko or 2) Rice Is Nice by Wendy Esko, the newly revised edition featuring the Planetary Health Food Pyramid and contributions by Michael Potter, Edward Esko, and Alex and Gale Jack
  • Discounts on selected books, CD's, and other publications
  • Invitations and discounts to special events such as Amberfest concerts and classes and seminars
  • Supporting or sustaining members and benefactors will receive both complimentary books and a copy of the new Amberfest CD featuring the "Organic Farming Song"

We encourage everyone- rich or poor, young or old, activist or observer- to make a donation. No matter how small, your contribution is appreciated. As a proverb puts it,

"Even the smallest drop of water makes the ocean a little deeper."

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