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Action Alert:

China has announced that it may release GM (genetically modified) rice early this year. This would be the first commercially available biotech rice on the planet. Thanks to many individuals, families, farmers, and health and environmental organizations, all attempts to introduce GM rice in the United States to date have failed. However, if China introduces GM rice, India, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, and other Asian countries are expected to follow. The release of GM rice in China would constitute a biological, cultural, and environmental tsunami. Not only will several billion people who eat rice daily be exposed to potentially harmful organisms, but birds, animals, insects, and other plants will be directly impacted. To help avert this planetary tragedy, please sign and circulate the below statement calling on Asian governments to forego GM rice and instead put their resources and ingenuity into developing organic and sustainable agriculture.

Petition to China and Other Asian Governments:

"As the center of rice cultivation for thousands of years, Asia has contributed immeasurably to human culture and civilization. That legacy is now threatened by the imminent commercialization of genetically modified (GM) rice. The effects of GMOs on humans, birds, animals, insects, and other life could trigger a biological, cultural, and environmental tsunami around the globe. In the U.S., efforts to introduce biotech rice have been halted because of widespread public opposition. However, like most Asian countries, the U.S. should ratify the Kyoto Protocol on global warming and take other measures to preserve earth and sky. We call upon all nations to support organic and sustainable agriculture and food production that will help safeguard the planet for our children and future generations."





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